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The site supports multiple versions. To edit the v1 version, please edit the /docs/versioned_docs/version-v1 folder.

To edit the next (currently v2) version, please edit the /docs/docs/ folder.

Create a new version

To create a new version (such as a version 1.0)

npm run docusaurus docs:version 1.0

The docs folder is copied into versioned_docs/version-1.0

Your docs now have 2 versions:

  • 1.0 at http://localhost:3000/docs/ for the version 1.0 docs
  • current at http://localhost:3000/docs/next/ for the upcoming, unreleased docs

Update an existing version

It is possible to edit versioned docs in their respective folder:

  • versioned_docs/version-1.0/ updates http://localhost:3000/docs/hello
  • docs/ updates http://localhost:3000/docs/next/hello


When submitting PRs, the folder is run through:

  • eslint
  • secret detection
  • spelling checker
  • alex - insensitive & inconsiderate writing detector


The production site is deployed to through Cloudflare pages, kept up-to-date with the v2 branch.

When submitting PRs, a build is generated by Netlify, which provides a demo url to test in a browser