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Hosted AdamRMS

AdamRMS is offered by as a hosted service by Bithell Studios Ltd, accessible at

Support is provided via [email protected]

Comparing the Hosting Offerings

Use Hosted AdamRMS if:

  • ❌ You are not an experienced system administrator
  • ❌ You don't have your own hosting infrastructure
  • ❌ You are unable to take on the role of Data Controller for GDPR purposes
  • ✅ you need a service level agreement
  • ✅ you need a maintenance contract
  • ✅ you require support, beyond that provided by the community on Github
  • ✅ you want to contribute to, and encourage, future development

Self Host if:

  • ❌ you want to develop your own features that are not supported in AdamRMS, and the community has decided not to accept your features into the main project
  • ✅ you are an experienced system administrator
  • ✅ you need to host the system on your own infrastructure, such as behind a corporate firewall