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Business Utilities


Business stats are widgets that appear on a user’s dashboard, that give information about the business and a user’s tasks on the RMS.
The stats page allows users to add and remove widgets from their dashboard.

Stats Permissions

80 - View business stats

Business Stats Business Stats Widgets


The Business Calendar shows an overview of all projects that are currently not archived or deleted.
It is repeated on the main Dashboard page.

Business Calendar Business Calendar


The Clients page lists all business clients, and is where new ones are added. There are a number of fields about each client, which includes the total amount paid to your business and how much is owed by the client

Client Permissions

36 - View Clients List
37 - Add new Client
39 - Edit Client

Client List Client List

A new client just needs a Name, other entries can then be added by editing the client.

Clients can have the following fields:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Website
  • Notes - General comments about this client


The Payment page is your business ledger, which tracks all payments added to the RMS.

Payment Permissions

40 - View Ledger

Business Ledger List of Payments


Projects and Assets can be assigned a location to say where they are.

Location List List of Locations

Location Permissions

87 - View a list of locations
98 - Add a new location
99 - Edit a location
103 - View location barcodes

Locations consist of:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Notes (eg. Access requirements)
  • Client - Link a location to a client
  • Sub Location Of - Add a hierarchical list of locations.

New Location Adding a new location

Each location has an AdamRMS barcode that is used by the AdamRMS App. These can be printed to place in the location or accessed from the website to assign assets to a location.