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Thanks for you interest in contributing to the AdamRMS project!

We use Github as our source control system.

All contributions are covered by the existing project licence - please have a look at this to ensure you're familiar with it before contributing. When you contribute you'll be asked to accept the CLA (Contributor Licence Agreement).


AdamRMS uses semantic versioning.

Creating a new Release


  1. Create a new release in Github (adam-rms/adam-rms), with a tag of the semantic version number. Tips:
    • Make sure you are targeting the default branch (main)
    • Make sure you use a lowercase v in the tag name
    • Make sure your release is in the format vx.y.z where x/y/z is a positive integer
  2. A new Docker image for will be built and pushed to GitHub Packages
  3. The hosted-solution servers will pull the latest update from Github Packages to update the dashboard.


Any push to main will automatically update the website on Cloudflare

Using Github

We use the Git Feature Branch Workflow for writing new features/bug fixes etc, and for code review.

When doing so, we ask that you follow the guidelines below:

Writing Commits

When writing commits use the present/imperative tense, and make sure the message is descriptive enough.

✔ Good

Add new integration with network printers

❌ Bad

Changed printers.php

Additionally, please don't make too many commits. If you can, bundle together similar changes into a single commit.

Creating Issues

Make sure your issue has a concise but descriptive title, and describe your problem in more detail inside the issue.
If you're reporting a bug, the aim is to help us reproduce it on our end so we can fix it. If you're reporting a feature/enhancement, the aim to help us visualise this feature and why it might be good for the site.

✔ Good

Projects list not loading

When on the homepage the menu doesn't show the latest list of projects.

❌ Bad

List broken

Making Pull Requests

Similarly to commits, please write your PR title in the present/imperative tense, and describe what problem it fixes. Please ensure you name your branch in a way that relates to the issue/pull request (such as 80-fixAssetSearch would be a good branch name).

Additionally, link the issue to the Pull Request.

In the PR's description, it would be helpful to write a brief summary of the changes you made, too.