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Style Guide

The style guide covers style, spelling and grammar conventions for AdamRMS, arranged alphabetically.

These style points apply to all content, publicity and internal documentation.


You can search the style guide by:

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Color Pallet

Download Color Pallet

[{"name":"Tickle Me Pink","hex":"f77e9d","rgb":[247,126,157],"cmyk":[0,49,36,3],"hsb":[345,49,97],"hsl":[345,88,73],"lab":[67,49,5]},{"name":"Mindaro","hex":"daf77e","rgb":[218,247,126],"cmyk":[12,0,49,3],"hsb":[74,49,97],"hsl":[74,88,73],"lab":[93,-27,55]},{"name":"Aquamarine","hex":"7ef7d8","rgb":[126,247,216],"cmyk":[49,0,13,3],"hsb":[165,49,97],"hsl":[165,88,73],"lab":[90,-41,4]},{"name":"Medium Purple","hex":"9b7ef7","rgb":[155,126,247],"cmyk":[37,49,0,3],"hsb":[254,49,97],"hsl":[254,88,73],"lab":[60,38,-57]}]




Upper case always, with RMS also capitalised. For example: ‘AdamRMS’, not ‘adamrms’ or ‘Adamrms’.

If it is used in a case-insensitive context (such as in a url) it is always ‘adam-rms’. For example: ‘’, not ‘’ or ‘’.