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Business Settings

Basic Settings

Basic settings cover a number of useful settings about your business, including business information and invoice settings.

Business permissions

81 - View business settings page
83 - Edit business settings

Basic Settings Business Settings

The Basic Settings page includes the following information:

  • Basic Business settings:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
    • Website
  • Invoice Footer - Note on the bottom of all generated invoices
  • Cable length colours - assign a colour to each length for ease of identification
  • Asset Statuses - used for asset dispatch
  • Week Start Date - resets the week counter on calendars.
  • Business Logo
  • Email Header

Public Site

AdamRMS supports a public site for each business, to allow information about business assets to be shared publicly.
For example, this can be used to show what assets are available for hire.

Public site permissions

81 - View business settings page
83 - Edit business settings

Public site settings AdamRMS public site settings

The public site is an optional addon, but requires AdamRMS support to set up. Please get in touch if you would like to use this feature.

You can enable different pieces of information to be shared from the Public site settings page. The homepage can also be edited from this page, and supports HTML code editing. You can also provide a header image that is shown on each page.

There is also support for files to be hosted on your public site. This can be used for business brochures and venue information.

Project Types

Project types are a way to change what elements of Projects are available to each project. AdamRMS provides a “Full Project” by default which has all elements enabled.

Project Types Permissions

105 - View list of Project Types
106 - Add new Project Type
107 - Edit Project Type
108 - Delete Project Type

Custom project types Project types

Each Project is split into the following sections that can be enabled or disabled on a Project Type basis:

  • Finance - Should asset charge calculations occur, and is billing enabled.
  • Files - Can projects have files associated with them
  • Assets - Assign assets to projects
  • Client Assignment - Is this project associated with a client or an internal event.
  • Venue - Associate a venue with this project.
  • Notes - Use notes and comments in the project
  • Crew - Use Crew assignment and recruitment in this project.

Custom Categories

All Assets have an associated category that groups assets. AdamRMS comes with 29 sub-categories by default, but you can add new subcategories on a business basis.

Category Permissions

89 - View a list of custom categories
90 - Add a new custom category
91 - Edit a custom category
92 - Delete a custom category

Custom asset categories Asset Categories

All subcategories have:

If you want to add a new parent category, please contact AdamRMS support.