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User Management


The Users page lists all users associated with a business.

User Account Permissions

2 - Access a list of users
3 - Add a user to a business by EMail
5 - Remove a user from a business
6 - Change the role of a user in a business
14 - Set a user's thumbnail
15 - Delete a user
52 - View User details
118 - Archive a user

Users list List of users

To add a user to a business, you can either add them by email (once they have created an account) or use a signup code.
Each user has a role group within the business that is defined by what permissions they have. They can also have a Role in the business, which is a text entry that can have any value.


AdamRMS has a granular permission system which lets you define exactly what a user can do.

Permission Permissions

11 - Access list of roles and their permissions
12 - Edit roles permissions [SUPER ADMIN]
13 - Change a user's permissions
16 - Add new roles

Permission List AdamRMS Permissions

Throughout this guide permissions have been included in each section, but they are all listed on the permissions page.

Permissions are assigned to a Role Group, which can be created on a per-business basis. By default, businesses have an ‘Administrator’ Role group that has access to all permissions.

Signup Codes

Signup codes are a way for individuals to automatically be added to your business as a specific role Group.

Signup code permissions

109 - View list of Signup Codes
110 - Add new Signup Code
111 - Edit Signup Code
112 - Delete Signup Code

Signup Codes Business signup codes

The code is the item users enter to get access to your business.
AdamRMS tracks how many uses a code has had, and you can receive an email every time a signup code is used.