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CMS Pages

AdamRMS has a content management system that can be used to store various information.

CMS Permissions

125 - Manage CMS Pages
126 - Edit any CMS Pages
128 - View a CMS page access log
132 - Manage custom dashboards

CMS Pages are highly customisable, from the content to access to the page. Each page also has inbuilt analytics which show page views over time.

CMS Page List List of current page

Creating Pages

From the business settings section, pages can be created. A CMS page has the following information:

  • Name
  • Page description
  • A Font Awesome Icon
  • Public Site Visibility
    • Accessible on the public site
    • Shown on navigation menu
  • AdamRMS visibility
    • Limit visibility to a specific Role Group
    • Show on RMS sidebar
  • Make the page a subpage of another page

New CMS page New CMS page

Editing Page Content

Page content is based on cards.
Card content is edited through the standard RMS editor, and files or images can be added to each card.

Each Card has the following properties:

  • Card Title
  • Card Colour (Uses the standard bootstrap colour scheme)
  • Card Colour Position
  • Card size can be adjusted to fit the page and content.

Page edit with cards Editing a CMS page

When saving the page, provide a revision comment to explain the page changes.
If you need to revert changes, there is a revision history for each page. This lets you fall back to a specific point in the page history based on its timestamp and comment.