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Asset Maintenance is a way to track issues with assets as well as managing compliance such as PAT and LOLER.

All maintenance jobs are associated with an asset and can be assigned to a user.

New Jobs

All Jobs need:

  • A job title
  • Description of the fault
  • Associated Asset(s)
  • Job Priority

New Maintenance Job Adding a new Maintenance Job

Once the job has been created, there is additional information that can be added:

  • Job Assignment - Give the job to a user to fix
  • Flag - Notify project managers that there is a fault with the assets in the job
  • Block - Stop the asset from being assigned to projects
  • Due Date
  • Watching Users - Users can watch a job to receive updates on progress

Each of these fields has a dedicated permission.

Managing Jobs

Progress on a job can be logged using the job thread. This can be in the form of a text entry or by uploading files to the job. It can also be tracked by updating the job status.

Maintenance Job details Job details page

Job Permissions

63 - Access Maintenance & add new Job
67-70 - Adjust job attributes
73 - Manage job status
76 - Job Files
78&79 - Flags & Blocks