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New Assets

Permissions Required


Asset Types

All assets are based on an asset type, which is owned by a manufacturer that can be added in a separate menu.
To create a new asset type, select a manufacturer and then provide the following information:

  • Asset Name
  • Asset Value
  • Day & Week rates (suggested based on asset value)
  • Asset Category

You can also provide additional information now, or update it later, including:

  • Asset Description
  • Product Link
  • Mass
  • Up to 10 definable fields

New Asset Type interface Add new asset type

Individual Assets

After creating an asset type, you can create individual assets of that asset type. Each asset can have additional information:

  • Asset notes, eg when the asset was purchased
  • Values for the asset type definable fields
  • Asset Groups
  • Asset Tags
    • Asset Tags can be auto-generated (will be A-XXXX) or entered manually.
    • See Asset Barcodes for more information.

You can add multiple assets at once, and the tags will be added sequentially.

New Asset Interface Add a new XLR Asset