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Assets in Projects

Assets determine billing for the project, and can be tracked through Asset Statuses
They can be assigned on a cross-business basis, to include local sub-hires.

Project Asset Permissions

31 - Assign/unassign asset to Project 32 - Assign all assets to Project
41 - Edit asset assignment comment
42 - Edit asset assignment custom price
43 - Edit asset assignment discount
53 - Change the assignment status for an asset

Adding Assets to Projects

Assets are assigned using the Asset Search functionality.
To select the project you are assigning assets to, either use the shopping basket on the asset information page, or select a project when searching assets.

Select Project on the Project information page Shopping buttons are highlighted: Add All Assets to Project | Shop for this project

You can also assign all assets to the project, using the add all button.

Asset List

The Asset list shows all assets associated with the project, organised by Category and Asset Type.

Example project asset list A Project's asset list

Asset List functions

There are a number of functions that can be used to alter project asset properties:
Project asset functions
Assignment Comment | Discount | Custom Price | Set asset Statuses | Swap Asset | Remove Asset | Expand List


Assignment comments can be used to highlight specific things about the asset assignment.
For example, requesting a particular DMX address or gel colour.

Discount & Custom Price

By default, AdamRMS calculates hire costs based on the asset's value.
You can override the hire price in two ways:

  1. Discounts
    • Set price based on a percentage of the asset's cost
  2. Custom Price
    • Set price using any value

Set Status for assets

This function allows you to set the asset status for selected assets or all assets (if no assets are selected) associated with the project.

Setting status for selected assets
Setting asset status

Swap Assets

If you have multiple assets of the same type, you may want to swap assets to the ones picked rather than finding the exact asset listed by the Project Manager.
This function lists available assets to the project, and you can select a new asset based on the asset Tag.

Asset Swap Swapping assets. The value in brackets is the first custom field of the asset type.

Remove Asset

Remove an asset from the project.

Asset Dispatch

Asset dispatch is a board layout view of all assets assigned to your project.

Asset Dispatch Asset Dispatch

You can update an asset's status by moving it between status columns, using the arrow buttons or by dragging and dropping the asset.