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Project Overview

The project overview page lists basic information about the project, along with any comments.

Edit Permissions

22 - Change Project Client
23 - Change Project Lead
24 - Change Project Description
7 - Change Project Dates 28 - Change Project Name
29 - Change Project Status
30 - Change Project Address

All projects can consist of:

  • A Client
  • A Project Manager
  • A Venue
  • Project Dates, including asset dispatch dates

If you want to assign assets to a project, all of this information must be set.

Project Overview Project Overview

Comments allow you to keep a log of updates about the project, such as venue and date changes.

All Projects have a status, that is the overall status of the project. You can also have statuses for each asset in the project, which is discussed in the next section.

Comments & History

AdamRMS has a full Audit Log, which keeps track of changes to various elements of the platform. This includes projects, and the edit history of the project can be found on the history page.

Project audit log Project History


Projects can have files and notes associated with them, to keep track of various elements.

File Permissions

44 - Edit Project Notes
45 - Add Project Notes
102 - Upload Project Files

Project Files Notes and Projects for the project

Notes are intended to be used for meeting notes and event plans.

Invoice & Quotes

Projects can have quoatations and invoices assoiated for them

Project Invoice & Quotes Invoices and Quotes for the project


Projects can have associated sub-projects, which are linked to the main project. These sub-projects act as independent projects, but are linked for organisation.

Example sub-project An example subproject

It is recommended you set up a new Project Type for sub-projects that excludes Finance, so that financial elements are only included in the main project.

Project types Suggested subproject type